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CDC Consulting - Gambling and Casino Consultants, also providing gaming seminars
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Strategic Thinking

Trend Analysis and Strategic Thinking

Gaming is no longer a stand-alone industry driven only by the internal dynamics of the casino floor.  In the modern world of gaming a casino does not only compete against other forms of entertainment for the customers discretionary dollar, but it must also compete against other industries for the investor’s (or lender’s) discretionary dollar. 

With all of the pressures and requirement on senior management’s time it sometimes takes an outsider to identify the ideas and trends that are shaping business in general and casinos in particular.

Your casino floor and your financial statement both need to be constantly fine-tuned to compete.  With CDC’s guidance in strategic thinking and planning, you can integrate the trends in other industries as well as the trends from other casino jurisdictions into your business, thereby improving both performance and margins.


Track business ideas and trends

Identify the relevant broader business trends

Identify the relevant casino industry trends

Analyze trends impact on gaming in general and on your property specifically

Design management processes for integrating new ideas and trends

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Ken Adams or Jeffrey Compton

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