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CDC Consulting - Gambling and Casino Consultants, also providing gaming seminars
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Table Games Management Services

Table Games Shopping & Informational Support

Table Games Shopping and Competitive Analysis
We analyze the client’s and competitors’ table games operations, in order to develop strategies for the client to gain market share and to provide an objective evaluation of the client’s operation. The written analysis is accompanied by a spread sheet, which provides the client with an instant overview of the table games market. The analysis will provide information about:

The total amount of games and game types offered by the client and the competitor.
The limits and rules used on the different games; this includes the various types of Blackjack rules offered by the competitors, odds offered on Craps, and pay tables used for the carnival games.
Business levels observed at each property at various times of the day and week.
Game spread and management of the spread.
The quality of customer service given at the tables: attitude/friendliness and technical ability.
Management and dealer interaction.
The ease of the tracking card sign up process for table games players in the pit and at the slot club and knowledge of the staff regarding how rewards are achieved.
The rewards programs at client’s and competitors’ properties.

Download Sample Report (Requires Adobe Acrobat)

Table Games Evaluation Reports
A customer service evaluation of all three shifts on various days of the week in order to establish if departmental goals are being achieved. This will incorporate playing observations.

Observations on employee interactions in the pit areas.
Evaluation of the tracking card sign up process.
Results of tests of the rating process in terms of player tracking, knowledge of the rewards program and complimentary issuance.
Discussion of policy and procedure departmental compliance.
A customized report which can address any specific areas of concern.

Expert Blackjack Training Seminar for Management
This on-site multi-faceted course is custom designed to provide your management team with a fun and in depth look at all aspects of Blackjack. It will help you and your management team to:

Understand the effects of rule variations in Blackjack.
Comprehend the long run vs. the short run.
Optimize the hold percentage.
Learn the basic strategies for each game.
Overcome the myths associated with Blackjack.
Learn the various types of card counting systems and advantage play.
Identify cheating, collusion, and other holes.
Learn how and when to back-off and/or bar patrons.
Develop effective table games promotions.

For Further Information:

John Yeomanson or Jeffrey Compton

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